Different Types of NFL Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks


While it may be tempting to wager on football games in the offseason, the NFL betting season puts sportsbooks on high promotional mode. You can find a wide variety of NFL betting options from spreads and totals to game props, and sportsbooks ramp up their promotional spending during the NFL season. These games provide many benefits, including “bet and get” deals, first-touchdown insurance, and boosts. Read on to learn more about the different types of NFL betting options available at online sportsbooks.

Off the board in a sportsbook

Off the board in a sportsbook is a term used when there is no betting line for a particular game. The line will only be available until the sportsbook puts it back on the board. Most sportsbooks have lines for all games, including minor league sports and obscure events. Off the board bets are not placed until the sportsbook puts them back on the board. They will be listed as “off the board” or OTB.

Opening Line in a sportsbook

Before betting on a game, you must know what the Opening Line is. It’s the number you see in a sportsbook for the game you’re planning on watching. This number is determined by computer algorithms, fancy math formulas, and power rankings. The point is to get the number as close to even as possible and to minimize your risk. You can also look for “chalk” in a sportsbook’s opening line.

Listed pitcher bets in a sportsbook

If you are a baseball fan, you might want to consider making Listed Pitcher bets in a sportsbook. These bets can help you to avoid the risks of a coronavirus pandemic. Assuming that your favorite team’s ace will pitch, you can lock in his odds of winning if you know he will be replaced by a long reliever. While the odds will be lower than those of the ace, you can still find value in locking in a pitcher you like.

Player props in a sportsbook

If you love to bet on sports, then player props in a sportsbook can be a great way to maximize your betting opportunities. These bets are based on projected statistics or outcomes for a particular player, such as his touchdown total in a particular game. Player props vary across different sportsbooks, but in general they pay out the same odds, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of player props available.

Sign-up bonuses in a sportsbook

Sportsbooks often offer new depositors sign-up bonuses. These bonuses are often the biggest of all, and they’re advertised through banner ads. They’re meant to entice people to register, and usually come in the form of free bets or cash. But what exactly do sign-up bonuses entail? Read on to learn more about what these promotions are and how they can benefit you.